HHHC Net 146.73 MHz PL 107.2 9pm Sundays

The Hoosier Hills Ham Club Inc. is an amateur radio club serving the greater Lawrence County Indiana area since June of 1955. Our club callsign is W9QYQ with an additional vanity callsign W9GUS. If you will be traveling through the scenic Hoosier Hills of Lawrence County please make time to visit on air and see the sights.

Just Ahead in Amateur Ham Radio

October 16 -- HHHC Foxhunt 5pm (see website for info)
October 16 -- Feld Hell Sprint
October 16 -- Argentina National 7 MHz Contest (phone)
October 16-17 -- JARTS WW RTTY Contest
October 16-17 -- 10-10 International Fall Contest (CW)
October 16-17 -- New York QSO Party (CW phone, digital)
October 16-17 -- Worked All Germany Contest (CW, phone)
October 17 -- HHHC Net 146.73 MHz PL 107.2 9pm
October 17 -- RSGB RoLo CW
October 17 -- Asia-Pacific Fall Sprint (CW)
October 17 -- UBA ON Contest, 2 Meters (CW, phone)
October 17-18 -- Illinois QSO Party (CW, phone, digital)
October 17-18 -- Run for the Bacon QRP Contest (CW)
October 18 -- LCARES Net 146.73 MHz PL 107.2 8:30 pm
October 18 -- ARRL School Club Roundup (CW, phone)
October 18 -- RSGB FT4 Contest Series
October 20 -- AGCW Semi-Automatic Key Evening (CW)
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