Club Roster

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Last Updated April 12, 2019

AB9CA Dave Hottell
AD5TM Janet A Barger
K9US * Tim Miller
K9HHY + Ron Gould
KB9GMU Nathan Lowery
KB9SNL * Tim Wray
KB9TMP W.W. Warren
KC9HWI Anthony Wray
KC9IAI * Marcie L Davis
KC9IOD Dean Spencer
KC9NMK Valerie A Luchauer
KC9NML Benjamin D Davis
KC9NMJ Jackson Williams
KC9OBV + Lee Waltz
KC9WPH Michael D Magruder
KD9FRT Frank Meade
KD9IGT Justin Elliott
KD9MUF Amy Wray
KF9NP + Michael E Wright
N8LL Jim Schwabe
N9DAB Dale Breedlove
N9UMJ + Rick Nicholson
W8AIR Hal Mandery
WD8JJA * Rick D Davis
W9YJD + Frank Chase
WA9FFZ Larry Hammersley
WA9JHH Dave Morthland
WD9BIM + Ronald D Arbuckle
WD9EWF + Garry Mc Kinney
* Club Officer + Lifetime Member
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Silent Keys

W9CNL Vance Lockenour
WA9FHX Roy G. Kinser
N9RQP Larry Brazzell
W9JIM Woody E. Parks
W9QYQ Frank Carroll
K9BGF Frank Anderson
W9WHL Bill Jenkins
K9BEH Kenny Kern
WA9OXD Otis Tillett
WB9EMH Dick Dayton
WB9DNB Larry Foster
KB9VRX Charles W. Hankins
W9UOO Dwight M. Staggs
K4YUT Jane Hartley
K4YUS Robert Hartley
K9QAF Morris W Manion
N9KH Keith E Harris
KC9NMM Gordon Brewer

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