Become An Amateur (Ham) Radio Operator

For those of you just starting in ham radio, here are some links to learn what ham radio is. The first is the ARRL's (American Radio Relay League) What is Amateur Radio? page. Also check out the Alert Find Amateur Radio and Emergency Communications page and's page What Is Amateur Radio which also tells about ham radio.

For videos explaning Amateur Radio on YouTube try the What is Amateur Radio video by Jay (aka Dighsx), or watch the ARRL videos Hello and Amateur Radio Today narrated by the late Walter Cronkite, KB2GSD (SK).


How Do I Find Training Materials?

If you would like to download (for FREE) the question pools to study, the Technician, General, and Extra question pools (with the answers) created by the National Conference of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators NCVEC at the ARRL pools page. The FREE KB6NU PDF study guide for the Technician license can be downloaded HERE. If you want to upgrade to General his free study guide is HERE.


Printed License Study Guides

If you want to study for the test without using a computer you can get Gordon West's Technician, General, or Extra Class study books which have all the questions and their explanations with other helpful hints and radio information for each level of license. Another good source for study books is the ARRL's License Manual Series.


Practice Taking The Test

You can practice taking the exam tests online at the AA9PW web site, the QRZ website, and the web site. Keep taking the tests until you can average at least 95% correct on every test. Then you will be ready for the last step.


Are You Ready To Take The Test?

Once you have studied and passed the practice tests you will be ready for the test. The next question you'll have is, "WHERE?". You can find tests on the ARRL Exam Session Search page, or search for examiners through the W5YI-VEC : Amateur Examiners search page. The Hoosier Hills Ham Club has it's own ARRL accredited exam team. We have a testing session at the Hoosier Hills Hamfest, and at other times throughout the year.


If there is anything we can do to help, please

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