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Nov. 2019 Indiana Repeater List PDF EchoLink
Bloomington Amateur Radio Club ARTSCI Repeater Database
Indiana University ARC RigPix Database - Photos/Info
Orange County ARC ARRL Home Page
W9WIN Linked Repeater System FCC ULS Database Search
Central Division, Indiana Section ARRL Site QRZ.COM (The Zed)
Adventures Carved In Stone
Bedford Online (Ham Classifieds)
Bedford Limestone Country Video 43 Years Of 73 Magazine Online FREE
  Homing In (Radio Direction Finding)
Online Tools  
Measure CW Callsign Weight Antenna Design & Construction
GridSquare Conversion Plans for a 2m J-Pole
Official U.S. Time Simple 2m Ground Plane
Near-Real-Time MUF Map Tape Measure Beam For RDF
Convert Text To CW A useful Dipole Length Calculator
Earth View  
FCC License Search Amateur Equipment Sales
N4MC's Vanity HQ Debco Electronics Inc.
Learn CW Online - R & L Electronics Universal Radio
Diplodocs User Manuals GigaParts
  Ham Radio Outlet (HRO)
Antenna Sales Tigertronics (SignaLink USB)
Arrow Antenna, LLC. West Mountain Radio (RIGblaster)
Eagle One Antenna LDG Electronics / S9 Antennas
Scorpion Antennas The RF Adapter Guy
ZEROFIVE-ANTENNAS Main Trading Company (MTC)
Alpha Delta Elecraft
Elk Antennas W4RT Electronics
NCVEC Question Pools Amateur License Guides
Technician Pool - Valid 7/1/10 to 6/30/14 No-Nonsense Technician License Study Guide PDF
General Pool - Valid 7/1/11 to 6/30/15 No-Nonsense General License Study Guide PDF
Extra Pool - Valid 7/1/12 to 6/30/16 ARRL Store - Licensing
Technician Pool - Valid 7/1/14 to 6/30/18 Gordon West Study Manuals
Radio Manufacturers Amateur Radio Podcasts
Alinco The Practical Amateur Radio Podcast
Elecraft Linux in the Ham Shack
Icom ICQ Podcast
Kenwood Ham Nation
Ten-Tec Resonant Frequency Classic
Yaesu Low SWR
FlexRadio Systems QSO Radio Show
Wouxun Ham Radio Now (video)
Baofeng Amateur Radio Newsline
Jetstream Amateur Logic TV
TEN-TEC Amateur Radio Equipment
TEN-TEC America's best and oldest manufacture of Commercial and Amateur radio equipment designed to provide the highest performance and greatest ease of use. Ten-Tec products set the standard for real world performance in the most rigorous and demanding applications.

Foxhunting equipment resources for the homebrewer
(you will need a PDF file viewer to access them)

Byonics PicCon Foxhunting Transmitter Controller
3rd Harmonic (439.695MHz) 3 Element Yagi "Sniffer" PDF
40 Segment LED S Meter PDF
N6ZAV 4 Element Qubical Quad page 1 PDF
N6ZAV 4 Element Qubical Quad page 2 PDF
N6ZAV 4 Element Qubical Quad page 3 PDF
N6ZAV 4 Element Qubical Quad page 4 PDF
N6ZAV 4 Element Qubical Quad page 5 PDF
4 Element Foxhunt Quad page 1 PDF
4 Element Foxhunt Quad page 2 PDF
N6AIN S & Noise Meter PDF
Split Back 5 Element 2 Meter Yagi PDF

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