ARRL Field Day

Is Field Day a contest, an emergency preparedness exercise, a public relations demonstration, a great event for clubs, or just a fun way to get on the air? Field Day is ALL of these things! Amateurs set up their gear away from commercial power and normal installations for 24 hours during the 4th weekend in June.

The 2018, Field Day will be held at the club house at 1508 Rariden Hill Road, Mitchell. We will have 2-3 stations to operate, or as many as folks bring. This year, we will primarily operate on Saturday. The event kicks off nationwide at 2pm local time. We will meet around 11am Saturday morning to get set up for the event at the club. Come out at 11am if you would like to help! We will be having a pitch-in dinner at 5:00 PM on field day, with the club providing the meat. Please bring your best side dish for the gathering! The event is being advertised to the general public as being open from 2PM to 5PM, however, club members may participate throughout the entire field day event, well into the night. ARRL Field Day technically runs until 2PM on Sunday the 25th, however, myself, your Field Day Coordinator, will have to head out of town for another commitment Sunday morning. As long as we have a club member present who is general class or higher as control op, Field Day will run as long as members are willing to participate across Saturday and Sunday. All we ask is that the last out locks up the clubhouse and sets the alarm, etc. We can do teardown over the next week or whatever we need to do. Thanks everyone, and we hope to see you there! Contact me if you have any questions! BE SURE TO INVITE NON-MEMBERS, BOTH HAMS AND NON-HAMS! Tim Wray, KB9SNL President
Please See Below For Contact/QSL Info.

If you made a W9QYQ or W9GUS contact during Field Day and would like to receive a QSL, please send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

          Hoosier Hills Ham Club Inc.
          PO Box 891
          Bedford, Indiana

73 de W9QYQ/W9GUS

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